Charlotte Bernays uses a range of materials and techniques to create artworks which explore movement, change and the transformation of energy.

Her installations are often fun and playful. Structures dance and whir, inspired by phenomena found in nature, such as tidal movements, the flocking behaviour of birds and the shoaling of fish. Other delicate and intricate works explore experiences, such as grief and loss. 


Charlotte studied BA (Hons) in 3D Design in Bristol. She has taught sculpture, printmaking, drawing, painting and ceramics at all levels, from young children to postgraduate.

She worked for Christine Edzard of Sands Films across many years, making costumes and props for the film and ballet versions of the Tales of Beatrix Potter (Covent Garden), The Nutcracker (3D), and the BBC series Scarlet & Black. She also worked for Godfrey Design Group making sculptural models.

Charlotte has exhibited at a range of venues including Keats House, for the bi-centenary celebrations of Keats' birth; and with The British Haiku Society at the Barbican Library Gallery in London. Most recently, Charlotte has displayed her sculptures, installations and drawings in a solo show at The Sentinel Gallery. She has also illustrated books by David Cobb and Martin Newell.